Happy New Year.

Here is a short cinematic/electronica piece to signal the beginning of a New Year. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish some of the many tracks that I have on the boil this year. Having a child for the first time has been a wonderful experience but detrimental to my music. I’m sure that I’ll find the right balance going forward. I hope you all have a great year.


Other News

One of my tracks is being used for the opening title sequence for a web series about UFOs. The link to the first episode of the second season of Milgram and the Fastwalkers is below.


The original track is Cipher


Hi, thanks so much for coming this far and showing an interest in my music. I’ve been trying for a while to find a site that enables me to showcase my music in a user friendly manner and also allows me to speak my mind a bit.  This one appears to fit the bill for now. Please use the tabs above to navigate to pages that interest you.

For those of you that are just stumbling across my page, I produce cinematic electronica type music heavily based around the piano. Most are instrumentals but there are a few vocal tracks in there too. I like movie scores, and trip hop and downtempo music, and I’ve always loved the sound of the piano so have been producing music that combines these main themes to make what appears to be music that some people love, but not a lot of people know about. Listeners that like my music state that it evokes a lot of emotion which is a massive compliment. Most of the tracks build and end very different to how they started, but some remain sombre and restrained throughout.

The next track is my most popular  to date which has been listened to well over 100,000 times on Soundcloud and was featured on the tour page of the Classic Soundcloud site (it’s now been taken down due to New Soundcloud). It starts off simple and peaceful with piano, strings, and the gorgeous vocals of Deni Hlavinka, but ends up an electro-pop sort of piece. I think my producing skills have moved on a bit so I may attack it again at some point.

I have recently released my 2nd album – Cinetronique – which I am personally happy with as there’s not a track on it that I wish were different. Three of the tracks have made the final of the UK Songwriting Contest in their respective categories too. Unfortunately, the downside to self releasing is that it is very difficult to get the thing exposed. Please let me know if you have any tips or hints or if you or anyone you know can give me a leg up in this area.

As for the future, the amazingly talented Tara Minton and I are planning on creating a five track EP as it has become quite clear that we enjoy working together and have so far produced some pleasing results (Last Summer and Do What You Do). The difference going forward is that we intend to record these new tracks utilising Tara’s first musical passion which is her harp. I’ve never recorded live instruments in my studio so it will be a learning experience too. Luckily, Tara is an absolute professional and I’ve never heard her make a mistake.

This next track is one of my personal favourites as it kind of captures a lot of what I have been trying to achieve. This is on the first album Horizon Calling and is called Ora Pro Nobis. Wait for it to go bang at the end.

Anyway, take a look around, and if you’re interested in how I got into music, just click on the ‘Words’ tab as I’ve written a long  bio type thing which admittedly goes on a bit, but I quite enjoyed writing it and reliving the memories.

Thanks again for stopping by, and feel free to big me up to as many people as you can to assist with getting the word out there.



15 responses to “About

  1. hi RJ!!! how can i get my hands on your cd??? I download fiev songs but its not the same…
    I just love your music! biiiig fan!!
    I played yr songs to my friends and everyone was thinking that u r someone very famous!! Wow!
    lm listening “the journey” every day in my car on my way to work! Sooo relaxing…
    thx, artur

    (sorry 4 my english 😉

  2. Very kind Artur. I see you’ve messaged me on FB so I’ll reply in full there.

  3. jeff broomhead


    Thanks for making your CD available so I could buy it! I listen to it over and over. You have amazing musical connection to the human emotion. Thank you for sharing your talent and artistry!


  4. Дмитрий Арсенин

    Прекрассная музыка от прекрасного человека)

  5. balingupjer

    Great music, any other place than itunes we can buy it? I use android and Ubuntu… and can’t get music from iTunes – maybe Ubuntu store. or jamendo? Awesome work!

    • Hi, thanks for contacting me. Amazon and google play stock some of the music, and the first album can also be found on beatport. Cdbaby too for the 2nd album. Thanks again 🙂

  6. Thanks for your great music! I’ve been listening to them ever since I heard Ora Pro Nobis back in 2011. Would your Horizon Calling album be available on Spotify like your other albums? Thanks again!!!!

    • Thanks for letting me know. It’s always great to hear that people actual listen to my music. As for your question, I have no control over where the first album gets distributed as it’s signed to Expat Records. I doubt it will make its way to Spotify unfortunately. I’ll PM you regarding an alternative.

  7. Awesome style. I dig it !!!

  8. eamonn

    Hi Rj just downloaded your song Just one day from Beatport and had to write to you to say a massive thank you. I have been a trance fan for many years now,and am just about to hit my 50th birthday soon and the power of these songs still moves me to tears. Beautifully written,composed and arranged from you and Vadim. That last 1.58 at the end makes my soul ache. Please release more tracks if you have them. The world needs them more than ever. . .

    • Hey Eamonn, so nice of you to take the time to let me know. I must admit that Vadim’s remix is something special. Far better than my original. I am desperate to throw myself back into making music but I’m currently in temporary accommodation so nothing is set up and there is just no time at present. Thanks so much for reaching out, it really is appreciated. 🙂

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